We are knomic! Born from a team of experienced ex-FAANG engineers and managers, we're an IT outsourcing company that stands apart. Our expertise lies in identifying and managing top IT talent, providing you with high-skilled contractors or building a full team from scratch. We leverage our vast network, honed from years of industry experience, to perfectly match your project needs with the industry's finest professionals.

Beyond just filling roles, we handle the complexities of team management, serving as your single point of communication for all administrative and technical issues. If you have a project and prefer not to manage an internal team, leave it to us. We oversee all aspects of project development, from team formation to maintenance, aligning each step with your unique vision.

Explore the future of success and innovation with us. At knomic, we believe in more than just connecting you with the industry's future leaders — we aim to be your trusted partner in realizing your business goals. Let's create something extraordinary together! Remember, it takes talent to know talent.